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Who we are

Stillwater is a growing Italian registered business service company with links to reliable trade services companies and manufacturing industries in Italy and around the Globe. Our area of business interest, includes: Local and international business brokerage, Brand managements, Product sale promotion/development, deal structuring, Project/import financing, Procurements, international transport logistics and real estate management / Hotel Management.

Within every Stillwater division there is a focus and strategy that defines our unique global advantages to our clients. The challenges are as diverse as the global regions we serve.

We add value to our client’s bottom line as they utilize our strengths today to insure their continued success tomorrow and into the future.

Our expert Team is trained to identify and capitalize on our knowledge, size and global connectivity for the benefit of our clients.

Our unique advantages is our people’’ on the ground’’ who live within the economy and understand the needs of the client.

Working with our global representatives, associates and Managing Directors from other division we use our corporate resources to their fullest advantage providing our clients with access to our insight,experience and connectivity.


Many companies have discovered the profit potential of exporting. if you are new to exporting, it is important to formulate an export strategy based on solid information and sound assessments. By carefully screening target markets or options for market entry, you will have better export opportunities.

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Identify and objectively analyze opportunities for clients in foreign markets, primarily in the Middle East, North America, Africa, India and Europe.
Open channels for company to conduct and grow their business in their geographic region or choice.
Your success in the market depends on many things.

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1.Each company has its own set of business and revenue objectives. We work with you to identify this objectives ( Development ) and match those up to a marketing communication strategy, with a budget that works for your business.

( Solutions )

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Regardless of your size, we offer an effective and cost-efficient solution. We are on the ground. We know the market, we know the people. We host trade mission and work with others to develop mandates for regional growth in specific sectors. We know right people, who will understand your product and the benefit that product will have for them.

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How we Work
Our Service
  • Local and international business brokerage;
  • Brand managements;
  • Product sale promotion/ development;
  • Deal structuring;
  • Project/import financing;
  • Procurements;
  • International transport logistics;
  • Real estate management;
  • Hotel Management.
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